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Custom Pocket T-shirt Printing

A custom pocket t-shirt features a small fabric pocket on the chest, which can be customized with prints, embroidery, or patches. This pocket not only adds a functional element—perfect for holding small items like pens or sunglasses—but also provides an aesthetic appeal that distinguishes it from standard t-shirts.

Why Choose Pocket T-Shirts?

Personal Use:

For those looking to spice up their wardrobe, our pocket t-shirts blend classic comfort with an added flair that stands out in any casual outfit. Customize your own to reflect your personal taste or choose from our pre-designed options.

Promotional Use:

For businesses, the pocket tee provides a premium promotional product that people will love to wear. The pocket acts as a frame for your logo, drawing more attention to your brand and providing a stylish twist to the usual promotional apparel.

Endless Styling Options:

Pocket t-shirts are incredibly versatile, and suitable for various occasions. They can be dressed up under a jacket for a business casual look or paired with shorts for a relaxed weekend style. This adaptability makes them popular across all age groups and styles.

At Yes We Print, we're proud to offer a wide selection of high-quality pocket t-shirts that combine durable fabrics with excellent print and embroidery capabilities. Browse our collection today and see how a simple addition of a pocket can transform a standard tee into a staple piece of your wardrobe or marketing strategy.

Printing Techniques for Pocket T-Shirts at Yes We Print

At Yes We Print, we understand that the printing technique is just as important as the design itself when it comes to creating custom apparel. Our range of printing techniques ensures that every custom pocket t-shirt we produce meets the highest standards of quality and aesthetic appeal. Here’s how we apply our expertise in screen printing, DTG (Direct-to-Garment), and embroidery to enhance your custom pocket tees:

Screen Printing:

Screen printing is ideal for orders with high volume due to its efficiency and cost-effectiveness for larger batches. This method is perfect for pocket t-shirts because it allows for vibrant, durable prints that can endure repeated washing. Screen printing ink sits well on the fabric, ensuring your design remains bold and visible, even on the textured surface of a pocket.

Direct-to-Garment (DTG) Printing:

For those seeking detailed and intricate designs on their pocket t-shirts, DTG printing is the way to go. This technique uses specialized printers to apply ink directly onto the fabric, allowing for high-resolution prints with a wide range of colors. DTG is especially suitable for complex or photo-realistic images, making it a fantastic choice for custom designs that require precise detail around or on the pocket itself.


Embroidery adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any pocket t-shirt, making it a popular choice for businesses aiming to project a professional image. Our state-of-the-art embroidery machines stitch your logo or design directly onto the pocket, enhancing the garment's texture and providing a durable design that stands out. Embroidery on pocket t-shirts is excellent for corporate uniforms or promotional items that require a refined look.

Choosing the Right Technique:

Choosing the right printing technique depends on your design, the quantity of your order, and the intended use of the pocket t-shirts. Our team at Yes We Print is here to guide you through selecting the best method to suit your needs, ensuring that your custom pocket t-shirts are exactly as you envisioned.

Whether you prefer the boldness of screen printing, the detail of DTG, or the durability of embroidery, Yes We Print has the technology and expertise to deliver outstanding results on your custom pocket t-shirts. Explore our techniques and create a product that truly represents your brand or personal style with precision and quality.

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