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Advantage of Screen Printing

► Long-lasting pressure

► Cost-effective solution for high volumes

► Printable in one or more colors

The screen printing is the classic finishing techniques. The apparel screen printing is characterized by its high wash resistance and color brilliance and is ideal for larger quantities.

It is printed directly onto the textile and the printing inks are fixed by means of high temperatures. Per color that is printed, a film and a screen are necessary. In order to achieve a sufficient ink coverage on colored textiles, it is necessary to print a special underground white. The printing costs increase by one additional color each, a film and a screen. Depending on the subject, a choice is made between line printing ( spot colors are printed) or screen printing , which can be used to display color gradients.

LA T-Shirt Printing recommends screen printing as a high-quality t-shirt printing.
In Screen Printing, the ink is printed directly on the T-shirt. As a result, the colors are reproduced to true color. The colors can be mixed according to Panton guidelines. As a template we use the worldwide valid color fan of Pantone with true colors.

In screen printing, a template is made from the original for each color, exposing a screen. Then the color is applied directly to the textile through the screen. Here, the screen printing inks have very good quality and hold optimally, as they are applied directly to the fabric.

Since a screen must be made for each color, the number of colors is limited and the fixed costs for film and screen make screen printing worthwhile from a circulation of 10-1000s pieces. Of course, there are no limits to the top. The more quantity, lower the price. Color gradients can be displayed easily, and the colors are particularly bright. The screen printing is very durable and durable.

This textile printing process is suitable for almost all textiles, T-shirt, polo shirt, Sweatshirt and whatever else you want. Design and send a message to us.

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After you have given us the order and we have received all the necessary printing documents from you, we will create a mock up file for you (see attached image). The size of the print and its placement are visible on it. This will help you and us to control the order correctly. After your approval, the order will be printed.

T-shirts printing

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