DTG Printing (Digital Direct Printing)

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► Ideal for photo subjects, logos or graphics

► High color variety

► Optimal for single pieces, short runs

DTG printing provides service for various garment such as t-shirts, bag, hat and many other apparels. Here we tried to explain advantage and disadvantage of DTG printing.

The digital direct printing is particularly suitable for multi-color photo subjects, graphics or logos. Especially when it comes to smaller runs or even individual pieces that is really perfect. 

This process is similar to an inkjet printer, the ink is printed directly onto the fabric through nozzles and then fixed. As with textile screen printing, color gradients are possible here, there are no limits to the variety of colors. The washing resistance and color fastness are very good. One can also print it on dark textiles. 

► More Eco-friendly Printing

         DTG printing t-shirt is more Eco-friendly than screen printing. DTG uses water-based inks for direct printing on clothing. Which means that there is no more used in real printing inks and the only waste that does occur is the head. Postie feature is that cleaning head does not involve any exterior materials other than ink. Then, as long as we dispose the waste ink correctly, T-shirts Printing using the DTG method should have virtually no impact on the environment. Silkscreen however has excess ink in parts of the stencil not printed in the t shirt and when the screens are cleaned these excess inks are then washed with water.

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The process of screen printing involves creating a stencil and then pressing the inks through said stencil onto the fabric. The stencil can be created by hand or photographic emulsion, and for each color a new screen design is needed. DTG only uses software and a computer to send a drawing directly to a printer and it can take a few seconds with all the colors to print at a time. DTG takes much less time to install, and this is especially useful when printing small series of T-shirts.

Small (under 50) t-shirts are much more profitable with DTG printing than screen printing. Minimal configuration with DTG printing means that T-shirt runs as low as 1 can be produced for a matter of $ 9 – $ 30 in materials (including T-shirt) and for a print on white background can take as little only two minutes to produce. Screen printers can argue that on the big leads they can produce a much more economical print but with multiple colors, and then the drying time, this seems unlikely.

T-shirts Printing, using direct to garment printing is far superior to screen printing. So, DTG is much more environmentally friendly, takes less time, and is more profitable for smaller productions. So, it seems that DTG printing is the way of the future.

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